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2014 - 2015

Minutes of the Annual General Meeting held on 13 July 2015 at Stanhope Primary School at 6.30pm

Present R Young J Tarr B Shackley J Waterall M Simmonds

R Donnison R Bateman J Hargreaves C Burgess S Abbott

I Baxter P Sanders J Williamson

1. Apologies P Smith C Hallas R Walmsley J Southall

2. Minutes of the

last meeting The minutes of last season’s AGM were read and accepted.

3. Matters arising The money from the Notts FA to support the Under 16 Girls side had been received following last year’s AGM.

4. Correspondence There was no correspondence

5. Annual Report The Annual Report was received and accepted. Thanks were given to John Williamson for the preparation of the report.

6. Treasurer’s

Report The Treasurer was unable to attend the AGM but made several comments. The Association has approximately £14,000.

He thought taht the competitions, with their entry fees, could cover themselves financially. The cost of trophies was, however, always a big item of expense.

There will be no Notts Schools Council for Sport Grants in the future. This year grants from NSCS for the sum of £4738.29 has helped the Association’s Maintenance, Ground Hire and Travel costs.

Thankfully, the Notts FA support our joint Girls’ Team, whilst Reprotec Office Solutions give considerable help with money and credit notes.

The Sport Nottinghamshire Grant for development will also end this year.

The Association and all of the District Associations will need to look at every item of income and expenditure to see if any adjustments can be made.

As the Treasurer had been unable to meet with the Association’s auditor a draft balance sheet was looked at by the members present.

7. Election of

Officers The Chairman, Bob Young proposed and was seconded by P Sanders that the Executive Council Officers be elected as per the Agenda. All in favour.

8. Election of

Members The Chairman, Bob Young proposed and Bob Donnison seconded that the Executive Council Members and the Committee Members be elected as per Agenda. All in favour.

9. Expenses It was confirmed that travel expenses will be paid at 25p per mile to all Officers and Team Managers.

It was agreed that all ‘dispersments’ should remain the same for this season but should be reviewed at the Committee Meeting before each year’s AGM to recommend any alterations to be put before the AGM.

10. Affiliation Fees

& Competition

Entry Fees Following a conversation the Secretary with of one of the Local District Associations it was agreed by the meeting that now competition entry fees are levied from individual schools in the County, the affiliation fees paid by the Districts to the County Association were probably too high. It was agreed, therefore, to reduce them to £80 for all age Associations, £50 for Secondary Associations and £30 for Primary ones. Furthermore there will be a goodwill refund to any Districts that have already paid their affiliation fees.

11. AOB Although there is strictly no AOB at an AGM, Peter Sanders wished, on behalf of the meeting and all City and County schools, to thank all Officers and Team Managers for their work throughout last season. This was seconded by John Waterall.

The meeting closed at 7.40pm

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