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2013 - 2014

Minutes of the Annual General Meeting held on 7 July 2014 at Stanhope Primary School at 6.30pm

Present R Young J Tarr B Shackley P Smith J Waterall M Simmonds

R Donnison R Bateman J Hargreaves C Burgess

1. Apologies J Williamson S Abbott C Hallas I Baxter R Walmsley P Sanders

2. Minutes of the

last meeting The minutes of last season’s AGM were read and accepted.

3. Matters arising There were no matters arising.

4. Correspondence There was no correspondence

5. Annual Report The Annual Report, prepared by M Simmonds and approved by the Secretary was accepted. There was a brief discussion on the aftermath of the situation relating to the Cobbin Cup and on representative football. The Under 16 Girls’ squad were congratulated on their achievement of winning both the National Inter-County Cup and the Midland Counties Cup

6. Treasurer’s

Report The Treasurer presented a rather pessimistic report with a deficit of approaching £3,000 on the season. He commented on the help which the ESFA gave towards the national stages of the Under 16 girls’ progress towards the national title and the grant which the County Association received from Stafford. He also commented on the grant received from the Nottinghamshire FA towards the cost of running the side. Thanks were due to these bodies for their financial support. Competition fees were also a benefit to the finances. The Treasurer suggested that the decline of the grant from the Local Authorities would again decline in the next financial year. He questioned the amount of expenses paid to referees which was much greater than in previous seasons.

M Simmonds pointed out that the support of the Nottinghamshire FA towards the Under Girls Squad was still awaited as the final invoices had not yet been confirmed by the Secretary of the squad. He said that it would be a far larger sum than last year because of the increased number of matches and hoped that the cost of track suits for the National Final would also be covered. He also reported that Reprotec had renewed their sponsorship of the Association with some increase in the amount of administrative support through credit notes.

B Shackley asked whether the Treasurer felt that the competition fees had been set at the correct level; it was agreed to discuss fees at the next committee meeting.

The Hon. Treasurer’s Report was accepted and he was thanked for his work during the year.

7. Election of

Officers The Chairman, Bob Young proposed and was seconded by R Donnison that the Executive Council Officers be elected as per the Agenda. All in favour.

8. Election of

Members The Chairman, Bob Young proposed and Bob Donnison seconded that the Executive Council Members and the Committee Members be elected as per Agenda. All in favour.

9. Expenses It was agreed that expenses would be left at their current rate but would be discussed at the next Committee Meeting on 13 October.

10. Affiliation Fees These would be left at their current level but would also be discussed at the next Committee Meeting.

The meeting closed at 7.05pm

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