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  • Notts U16 Boys and National Academy Year 8 Girls reach national semis with quarter final wins - see reports in Main Menu.

ESFA AGM Minutes



Section 2 Finance & Sponsorship

He informed the Meeting that the Business Plan had been agreed for the next four years and thanked D Howard for the work she had done towards this. He also thanked the ESFA sponsors. Pendle Sports will replace Nike as the International kit sponsor for next season.

J Appleby (Staffordshire CSFA) asked what was meant by ‘core offer’ in the Business Plan. M Coyne confirmed it referred to the Service Level Agreement.

M Timberlake (Lancashire CSFA) expressed concern that £1,000 grant money was insufficient funding for a County and Districts and would have a negative effect on activities.

D Lailey (Berkshire CSFA) asked Council to explain the withdrawal of monies from Districts and why they had rejected the Auditors’ suggestions. M Coyne explained that the criteria for FA funding had changed and that representative football could no longer be funded. Funding was now linked to KPI’s. However, the Trustees were looking at alternative funding options for Districts.

D Prothero said it was his understanding that unless grant monies were used to employ administrators, the funding would go back into a central account. He expressed the view that in many instances District football will fold without financial support.

Section 3 Committee Reports

The ESFA International Squads are to be congratulated on winning their respective Cups – U15 Girls (Bob Docherty Cup) and U18 Boys (Inspiresport Centenary Shield).

There has been a vast improvement with the ESFA media and website presentation. Thanks to S Kearney for her work on these promotions and dealing with sponsors.

The ESFA Committee protocols have improved and also, thanks to O Aiston, the Coaching and Teaching resources. For the first time ever, the ESFA Summer Coaching and Development Course included two separate groups; the U17 boys and U14 girls. Both courses were well attended

S Abson (Leicestershire CSFA & Midland Counties) congratulated the Competitions department for staging a great event for the Danone finals. However, Danone are still absent from the regional finals which is very disappointing.

J Appleby (Staffordshire CSFA) acknowledged there were terrific numbers taking part in the Girls Football Week, but asked if they ESFA or FA figures? Also, a week in March was designated as a Girls week, but how many of these girls were sustainable from previous funding. A Weston (Football Development Manager) said they were generic figures from across the country and evaluation was still ongoing. J Appleby asked to see these figures. M Spinks (Chairman) said it would be useful to have the schools figures presented separately. Another Girls week is due to take place in October.

Allan Reed (Durham CSFA) asked about playing time, as some girls were only getting a few minutes in a match. M Spinks (Chairman) said that guidelines relating to playing time would be issued in the next International Brochure.

Section 4 Liaison

M Spinks (Chairman) is the FA/ESFA Council Representative. The FA Memorandum has been overturned and there are new directives in Centres Football. G Lee and P Clayton continue to be very supportive of the ESFA.

The following people were thanked on behalf of ESFA for their hard work during the season:

D Ebberson (Premier League District Programme Manager), Martin Duffield and Sarah DaCosta (ESFA Child Welfare Officers), S Inger (NCSS Rep) and K Wilbur (SARA Rep – stepping down next season).

The Meeting noted the correction under the second paragraph of section 4.2 which should read “…when the FA took over the running of the ESFA under 15 team…”

Section 5 Festivals

There has been a good spread of Festivals throughout the regions, and a free FA ticket scheme for volunteers.

D Gent (Newbury & District PSFA) wished to congratulate the U18 Boys Squad and Team Managers as primary school ambassadors this season and asked if the U15 Girls Squad could do the same thing next season. He also reminded the Meeting that Pat Cullinane had organised all 42 annual Jersey Festivals and asked if they are likely to continue once he decides to retire. G Smith (Council Member) assured the Meeting that when P Cullinane does announce his decision to step down as festival organiser, the ESFA would do everything possible to keep the festival going

Section 6 Competitions

Finally, A Johnston wished to thank D Alcock (National Competitions Manager) and his Staff for successfully running a total of 44 competitions during the season. Competition results are included in the report.

A Johnston (Vice-Chairman) moved that the Annual Report be accepted into the Minutes. This was agreed by the Meeting.


    M Coyne (Chairman of Trustees) presented the Financial Statement and moved the adoption of the Balance Sheet.

    He informed the Meeting that the ESFA had a £30,000 surplus now, as opposed to last season’s £143,000 deficit, although this contained some one-off gains which would not be repeated. Although this is very good news, the financial situation still needs careful monitoring. He thanked all Council and Staff for their efforts in keeping the ESFA financially sound. However, he wished to assure Membership that Council recognised the need to support Counties and Districts whilst also complying with the KPI’s linked to FA funding.

    Staff development is also in place thanks to A Chilton (Chief Executive).

    For the future the ESFA needs to look at alternative funding streams and additional income. The change of year-end and moving the AGM to the autumn will also be helpful to the Association. The Chief Executive has now completed her first year in office and the focus is now on achieving financial stability and supporting membership.

    M Coyne (Chairman of Trustees) proposed the Finance Report be accepted into the Minutes. This was agreed by the Meeting.

    Honorary Auditors Report

    P Jordan MBE (Hon Auditor) presented the Auditors Report to the Meeting.

    He informed the Meeting that the changes to grant monies had been made after the audit had been completed.

    The interviews for an Independent Council Member to replace R Graham have been finalised.

    M Spinks (Chairman) informed the Meeting that other charities/organisations which had benefitted from Council contributions during the past two seasons had been ‘Child Cancer Awareness’ and the Harefield Hospital.

    He thanked M Coyne as Chairman of Trustees.


      On behalf of Council, the Chief Executive, Miss A Chilton, announced;

      A Council Members re-elected unopposed:

      North Region O Aiston, A Johnston, A Williams, K Cahillane

      Midlands Region M Hignett, N Hopwood, P Rickard

      South West Region M Coyne, S Inger, J Martin, G Smith

      South East Region S Botham, P Harding, M Spinks, D Woollaston

      B The appointment of the Independent Council Member by the Honorary Auditors:

      Mr Ciaran McCartan

      C The election of ESFA Chairman and Vice-Chairman for Season 2016-2017:

      Mr A Johnston (Chairman)

      Mr O Aiston (Vice-Chairman)


      The Chairman announced the resignation of Messrs P Jordan, D Lailey and D Prothero. The Membership was asked to propose and vote to elect new Honorary Auditors.

      N Pont was elected by the Meeting. Further proposals are welcomed by Council.


      M Coyne (Chairman of Trustees) proposed that Lancaster Haskins LLP were re-appointed as the ESFA’s Professional Auditors for Season 2016-2017. This was agreed by the Meeting.


      M Spinks (Chairman) proposed M Coyne, D Woollaston, S Inger be elected as Trustees for Season 2016-2017. This was agreed by the Meeting.


      M Spinks (Chairman) moved:

      ‘That this Annual General Meeting desires to place on record its sincere appreciation of the devoted services rendered to the Association by Mr J Appleby during his eight years as a Council Member, including Chairman during Season 2011-2012, wishes him well in his retirement and in accord with General Rule 3(a)(vi) confers on him Life Membership of the English Schools’ Football Association.’

      M Spinks (Chairman) moved:

      ‘That this Annual General Meeting desires to place on record its sincere appreciation of the devoted services rendered to the Association by Mr M Shackleton during his four years on Council and wishes him well for the future.’


      The Chairman, on behalf of Council, moved a Vote of Thanks to the Chief Executive and her Staff for making the arrangements for this Annual General Meeting.


    The next AGM of the ESFA will take place at the Beacon Centre in Stafford on a Saturday to be decided in October/November 2017


    A Johnston (Vice Chairman) moved on behalf of the Meeting:

    ‘This Annual General Meeting desires to place on record its sincere appreciation of the services rendered by M Spinks as Chairman of today’s meeting and at various functions throughout the season and last season. The meeting further authorises Council to arrange for a suitable presentation to him as a souvenir of his two years in office as Chairman of the English Schools’ Football Association.’


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